Ep 8: Comedy, Trauma, Anger, Acceptance and The Price Is Right, with Danielle Perez

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(Replay) We talk to comedian, actress, show producer, and model Danielle Perez who at the age of 20 lost her legs below her knees in a train car accident. We talk to her about what it was like to experience something so traumatic, the decisions she had to make, what was going on in her head and when she first started to find humor. We dive into dealing with anger, grief, and acceptance and the insensitive questions strangers ask. Danielle shares the time she won a prize on the price is right! A treadmill and a walk in Sauna… It’s a legendary and hilarious story. Danielle talks about the dehumanizing messages she’s received from “devotees” on dating and social websites.

Andy, Danielle, and Joleen share their unique “calling 911” stories. And we learn why Andy can’t wear glasses and the day her lens dislocated. We also learn why Joleen doesn’t like to press buttons. We share listener comments on the unsolicited advice they hate to hear. Lastly, we talk about how sharing your story can have a powerful impact and why diversity in comedy is so important.

Memorable moments:

“Two questions, can I be taller, and can I wear heels?”

“You’re saying my life doesn’t have value because I don’t have feet? F*** you.”



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