Ep 51: Sobriety, Mental Health, Suicide, Faith, with Joleen’s mom, Eileen Lunzer

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We’re recording today from Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the one and only Eileen Lunzer! Eileen shares her path to sobriety and her mental health journey, as well as sharing her experiences being the mother to a child (Joleen) who was also dealing with addiction and depression. Eileen is open, honest and inspirational, as well as being a gosh darn delight! We may now know where Joleen gets her sense of humor from! We hope to have Eileen on again very soon, as this was such an important episode.

THE CHECK IN: Andy talks about presenting her first Marfan Webinar and Joleen talks about the huge loss her family has recently suffered and the unfortunate stigmas around addiction.

See Andy and Joleen at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis! June 26th-30th – Get your tickets here: https://acme-comedy-company-acme-comedy-company.seatengine.com/events/23538



“I was Dianna Ross, and the Supremes!”

“She acts like she’s shy, but she loves the spotlight!”

“I love believing in faith, the afterlife and just not judging others.”


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