Ep 47: Life, Death, Love, Mother’s Day and Delegates, with Bin Lee

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This episode we are joined by writer, filmmaker and author Bin Lee, to share a different perspective on Mother’s day. Andy and Bin connect and compare experiences with losing a parent at a young age and Bin shares the heart-wrenching story of his families journey with his mother’s breast cancer. We talk about grief, family and the difficult choices we have to navigate. We talk about the importance of therapy and the universal state of denial that people are in regarding death. Bin is an amazing person and I’m so glad we got to hear about his wonderful and supportive mother who helped make his dreams come true. He was open and honest and we are so appreciative of his willingness to share. Bin offers some advice and recommends the movie “A Monster Calls” for a great perspective on grief and loss and we talk about the complex emotions surrounding taking care of an ailing parent. So definitely check that movie out!

Bin also talks about his debut Comic Book “Delegates” now available on Comixology. It looks and sounds incredible! You can purchase it here: https://www.comixology.com/Delegates/comics-series/111231

THE CHECK-IN: Joleen shares an important message about mental health awareness month regarding the media, and Andy and Joleen talk about mother’s day gifts.

See Andy and Joleen at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis! June 26th-30th – Get your tickets here: https://acme-comedy-company-acme-comedy-company.seatengine.com/events/23538


“30 is too young to be doing this.”

“Someone gets what I went through.”

“If you find this phone and I’m dead, here’s a bunch of thoughts!”

“Process THAT.”

“I make Father’s day like a 2nd Birthday.”

“It’s okay to feel guilty that you want it to end.”

“The second you get famous we’ll be emailing you.”


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The signs of Marfan Syndrome: https://www.marfan.org/about/signs

National Alliance on Mental Illness support: https://www.nami.org/Find-Support

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