Ep 18: Breast Cancer, Fertility, Chemotherapy, Friendship, with Sofiya Alexandra

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Comedian and writer Sofiya Alexandra joins us to talk about her battle with breast cancer. Sofiya shares that there are so many misconceptions around breast cancer and chemotherapy, and so much that people just don’t know. We talk about the difficult diagnosis process, the BRCA genetic test, mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI’s and the importance of your family history. We talk about how birth control pills were feeding the tumor and the possible connection because of the tumors receptors and we talk about being an atypical patient. In the second part of this episode, we talk about the devastating complications chemotherapy can have on fertility and what Sofiya’s options were. Sofiya details the painful and difficult chemotherapy process and we talk about the effect cancer can have on relationships.

Do you have a friend or family member going through cancer and chemotherapy? Sofiya shares things that were very helpful for her recovery and tips and advice that might help others support their loved ones. Everybody is different, but this is what helped Sofiya.

Also in the episode. Andy updates us on lifestyle choices and how they have affected her health recently and Joleen shares her past and current experiences with studdering, including pronouncing her husband’s name incorrectly the first 6 months they dated.

October is breast cancer awareness month and we thank you for listening and sharing. We have a link below of the top breast cancer charities on Charity Navigator.


Memorable Moments:

“I have cysts too! This is going to be really fun.”

“You have really dense breasts. Oh my God, thank you so much!”

“The bigger your boobs are, the harder you fall.”

“I wish someone would have told me how alone I was going to feel.”

“I would have loved to have been prepared for the loss of friendships and relationships.”



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Charity Navigator breast cancer charities with 4 stars: https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?keyword_list=breast+cancer&bay=search.results&ratingstatus=rated&overallrtg=4

The signs of Marfan Syndrome: https://www.marfan.org/about/signs

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