Ep 16: Crohn’s Disease, Mental Health, Physical Fitness, with Eddie Furth

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Eddie Furth joins us and talks about how Crohn’s disease has impacted his life. He shares the many career paths he has pursued from training raptors to producing historical roasts, to being a personal trainer and how he battled Crohn’s disease along the way. He shares how he changed his diet and activity to manage the condition and have a more normal life. At one point, Eddie was taking 64 pills a day. Today, Eddie doesn’t take any medication. We talk about how meals and eating out is such a big part of our lives. He talks about metaphysics and manifesting rejection within our bodies.

Eddie’s advice: Get back in the gym. Learn how to eat well. Study how food impacts your body. Do yoga and meditation. Your body craves activity, find an activity that you enjoy doing. Find discipline in working out and you will have discipline in other aspects as well. Also, focus on understanding your emotions and emotional health.

We start the episode talking hangovers, and we dive into the art of crying. Andy shares her experience getting scammed while buying an iPad on Facebook marketplace.


Memorable Moments:

“Are hangovers a health condition?”

“I was convinced that Bin Laden gave me Crohn’s Disease.”

“At my worst, I was taking 64 pills a day.”

“If I’m going to lose this battle, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it’s not my fault.”

“Crohn’s taught me how to take care of myself.”



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