Ep 14: Alex Stein updates us on the Therapist Challenge – Part 2

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We check in with Alex 4 weeks after he decided to see a therapist for the first time and we get the full scoop. (If you haven’t already, listen to episode 13 to get the beginning of the journey.) What did he learn, what fears did he have, what was surprising and how was it helpful? He goes over his entire process and explains what it was like from start to finish. We even talk waiting room etiquette including a technique called “Smile, nod, move on.” And we touch on fears and misconceptions and we also compare therapy to Catholic confessionals.

We begin the episode talking about gym class with health conditions. Joleen and Andy share embarrassing gym class stories and Andy shares her experience with special ed gym. Joleen shares how deep cleaning your carpets can affect anxiety and OCD. Alex and Joleen share how to hide sweaty hands.

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Memorable Moments:

“I want to be vulnerable too!”

“Be the fart girl you want to see in the world!”

“Don’t mess with me. I’ll barf in the drinking fountain!”

“It’s like when you have those really good talks with a friend, and you don’t feel guilty about putting things on them.”

“Sharing your experiences can and does help and inspire others.”



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