Ep 11: Sex, Sex Addiction and Relationships with Casey M – Part 2

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We continue where we left off on the last episode and talk to Casey about sex addiction. We discuss the stigmas and misunderstandings about not just sex addiction, but also sex. We also share what our sex talks were like growing up and how they perhaps differ between genders. We discuss the other side of sexual harassment that you don’t always hear about, and how important it is to get help.

We also check in with Alex and talk about how he played a killer in a murder re-enactment television show and we talk cat depression and cat therapy with Andy and Joleen


Memorable Moments:

“This cat could piss in my mouth. You don’t return family.”

“Dad advice: All guys lie. And don’t give something away you can’t get back.”

“If you’re feeling upset about something someone said or did, create something! Make a youtube video wearing a dinosaur costume.”



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