Ep 10: Major Depressive Disorder, In-Patient Care, Sex Addiction, with Casey M

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We are here today with the host of the Discussing Depression podcast. We talk about how depression affected being a sports broadcaster, and how sportscasting and journalism are lonely and competitive careers. We nerd out about stand-up comedy and the Minnesota Vikings! We hear how stand-up comedy helped save Casey’s life, the stigma around depression, the challenges he faced after his diagnosis and the battles and challenges with medications. We talk the importance of a strong support system and the cycles of depression. Casey shares his story of being both a patient and an employee at an in patient facility and how he feels this strong force and has an immense passion for helping others.

As we started wrapping up the episode, Casey reveals some details regarding a sex addiction and he shares a scary realization. We didn’t have time to follow up so we, unfortunately, will have to continue our discussion. So listen next week for part 2 to hear more about what Casey is dealing with.


Memorable moments:

“Andy got them dirty teeth!”

“This is the saddest baseball game I’ve ever heard.”

“I felt a physical shift in my brain one morning. It felt like a pen click.”

“Depression is a black cloud that is pushing you down.”

“You’re headlining… A lady?”



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