Ep 7: Astrology and Tarot Cards with Meredith Howell

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Meredith dives into the wonderful and complex world of astrology. We have our astrological charts read and talk about our souls, past lives and what we’re on Earth to do. Joleen shares the time she had a vision of a murder in a park and Meredith talks about how children are more in tune with spiritual messages. We challenge listeners to go to a therapist if they haven’t ever been. We ask how astrology can help people with mental and physical health conditions. And we ask, can astrology help give answers to why you face the challenges you face? Andy geeks out about wizard camp! We get a crash course in tarot cards and we do a Deal With It podcast Tarot card reading. What’s our distraction, what should we focus on and where are we headed? We close with listener comments and a discussion about meditation and yoga.

Memorable moments:

“Yoga isn’t a workout, it’s church.”

“Magic is the science of hidden relationships.”

Oh and Andy and Joleen talk foot shaming and foot pride so here is a picture of Andy’s feet (as promised.) Yep, those are tissues in between the toes. Deal With It.



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Mentioned in the podcast: Brene Brown (Google her!)

The signs of Marfan Syndrome: https://www.marfan.org/about/signs

National Alliance on Mental Illness support: https://www.nami.org/Find-Support

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